Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Speaking of Worship...

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"The universal realm and rule of Jesus, the kingdom, has the Church at its centre and the Church’s job is to worship. In worship we go to heaven and ask God to glorify Jesus on earth as we glorify him in heaven. So if our worship in heaven is impotent or childish then it follows that the Church on earth will be impotent and childish and that the world will trample on the Church as on salt that has lost its savour.

Reformation in worship means different things in different settings:

a) where the liturgy is Christ-honouring in form but lifeless then we need resurrection
b) where (amongst lots of evangelicals) we have “liturgies designed for a child’s birthday party” then we need to grow up
c) where a) or b) are not possible then we need to plant churches."

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