Thursday, August 28, 2008

Arminian Apostate

Yup! That's me. The concept isn't original with me, (you can visit the site by that name by clicking the link over to the right in the list of places on the web,) but I find it fitting anyway. I love being away from all the man-centeredness of Arminian theology. I love being away from the "man is god" theology of Pelagianism. I love being away from the silliness and hype of what is usually referred to as "revival." One minister actually enjoys labeling himself as "always reviving" which is an amazing admission of living in a vicious cycle of backsliding and coming back to full committment to the Lord. (Note: Only the dead need reviving.)

I also find it ironic that I, (and a few of my cohorts in this "Arminian apostasy,") are being labelled by our old peers and partners as holding to "damnable doctrines" and that we also hold to a licentious way of life and thinking. You know the old lies, Reformed doctrine is boiled down to "once saved, always saved," ie. you can live a completely wicked life, (or anyway you want to,) and still expect to be "saved." And that we don't need, or believe in, holiness or evangelism or prayer anymore, because everything is already "set in stone" anyway. And of course, our so-called "familiar faces are missing" because we only wanted to justify being "sippers" of alcoholic beverages. Yep, that's the REAL reason we left! (Actually, we were "invited to leave," but that's another story.) But it's funny how many of those who are making the assertions haven't actually asked me what I believe or think. A few have, and they are to be commended for their integrity.

So the slander and misconceptions keep going on and on by certain theologically challenged folks who really don't think things through. Someday, perhaps they will.


ScottH said...

Ooh! So much I could say! Silliness and hype yes indeed. Damnable doctrines? Well pardon me but whose camp teaches the "born again" Jesus nonsense? Who teaches that "Adam in the garden of Eden was God manifested in the flesh?" What "father" of their faith teaches,"whenever I see in the Bible where Jesus says "I AM" I just smile and say yup I AM too?" I guess that's all I've got to say. Well gotta go I got a hankering for a Budweiser! LOL! BTW do these pastors think all of their people are teetotalers? YUK! YUK!

Anonymous said...

Sam, I've left Amazing Grace a few years ago and never have I received a phone call from Chuck or Pastor Jolliff. Now I contrast that with my Pastor and elders from Christ Covenant in Midland and they haven't stopped sending me emails and corresponding with me. You, yourself haven't either. The leaders left at AGC, most aren't approachable as the ones at my church and yourself. I don't recall Jesus or Paul making appointments with the people that wanted to see them that are hurting, but willingly healed and ministered even to the gentiles as in our Lords case.

Ok, there is a fly in my daily glass of beer...falls in Michigan!

P.S. I've wondered...and still wonder why "theologians" like Barclay haven't consulted with the PCA or the OPC or the protestant confessions to find out what christians really have believed in those Protestant Churches. It's mind boggling...he looks rather stupefied. Because a person doesn't even have to be a christian to find out what Barclay has said in his newsletters concerning Calvinism is untrue.

If I would believe Barclay, I'd be believing an historic lie. Now, even if I believe him. Would that make me and him right? No! and he is under a greater judgement as the Apostle says as a teacher.

There is not fear of God!

Our friends....somehow have to be involved in rewriting christian doctrine as a whole to be embrassing Barclay's self-made doctrines.....which are paradoxal and outright lies...heretical..because it's not even Protestant what he is saying..let alone evangelical.

ScottH said...

Hey Ken I think they're not approachable because that's what has been taught to them for decades. Didn't you say on one of your posts that charismania is more akin to Rome than historic Protestantism? As to the leadership at AGC it's the "minipope" syndrome that rules!The only things missing are the robes and miters! Self made doctrines? Oh come on Ken he got them by "revelation knowledge!" LOL!