Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Anonymous said...

"The gargoyles that were placed on the churches of old had the same meaning. They symbolized the Church ridiculing the enemy—they stick out their tongues and make faces at those who would assault the Church. Gargoyles are not demonic; they are believers ridiculing the defeated demonic army."

Can you give me a reference to that, because my brother in law is deeply influenced by buddhism and has gargoyles also. I tried to look it up why the catholic church used them, and the only quick answer I found is that it was part of superstition and the catholic church was influenced by the surrounding pagan culture.

srhoyle said...

Francis Bligh Bond, an English architectural historian, supposed the meaning of the gargoyles as being the symbolic overcoming and conversion to good even of the most monstrous forms of evil by the Church.

and I like what Pastor Jeff Meyers has said, that is related here:

Now, there is a sense in which the Church in Christ is restored to her Adamic lordship over all of creation, what God intended for humanity in the beginning. She has the right and power to establish festivals and feasts in conjunction with the symbolic dimensions of creation. And to determine 'what symbols mean' would be included in that. We don't allow pagans to tell us what meaning things have, even if those things have been perverted by those pagans.