Monday, November 17, 2008

State of The Church

My friend Ken posted this on his blog. I thought is was important to post here.

Too sad!!!


ScottH said...

I remember at my former church being entertained by a "tickle me Elmo type." During the "worship" service in fact! Another time another "preacher" brought a puppet named Gospel Duck. Looking back I wonder what were we thinking? That's the problem we weren't thinking. I'm also tired of hearing televangelists say that "God sometimes offends our minds to get to our hearts." Oh puh-leeze!!

Anonymous said...

Your former church must of been seeker friendly :P

I showed that video to my wife last night before we did devotionals..she liked it!

ScottH said...

Well Ken you know this church very well too. Seeker friendly? Eh,maybe,the guy with Gospel Duck was Len Mink. I'll give you a clue what church it was they don't like Reformed Theology it is the "thinking mans theology." Bet you know which church now.LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know that church, I was just kidding

"they don't like Reformed Theology it is the "thinking mans theology." "

The funny thing about that is I personally never came to Calvinism on a thinking or an intellectual basis, but I came on an emotional one. I was in crisis like Luther and crying out and found Charles Spurgeon's sermons.

I don't think that I'm alone either. Our old friends would be better at being arminians, because at least with Wesley, they'd have the consistency of the gospel. But sadly our friends there are pelagian.

Sadly that that church had to do its best by stopping a revival that was taking place.