Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We remember the sacrifices of all of you
who have put on the uniform to serve
in the United States military.

We honor you, our veterans, who have proven your heroism
and love of country time and time again.
You have consistently defended our ideals across the globe;
and you are an inspiration to those who defend America today.

More than a million of you have died in service to America;
and more than a million and a half have been wounded.
Some of you have sustained serious injuries in combat
and now some of you also live with disabilities.

We in the United States of America, will always be grateful
for the noble sacrifices made by you
and we honor and respect you for your service.

We can never adequately repay you.

our veterans, are living examples
of the timeless truth that freedom is not free.
Thank you!

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