Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Again, from Every Square Inch by Johnny!

Revivalism, pt. 6

1. Men become like that which they worship.

2. Worshiping a vague, truncated "God" who is generally awesome produces vague and truncated men with no definable sense of awe.

3. Worshiping a cosmic boyfriend produces girly, needy men.

4. Worshiping a "God" who needs ever-increasing gimmickry and hype produces jaded, unsatisfied men.

5. Worshiping a "God" whose presence alone isn't sufficient to attract worshipers produces irreverent men.

6. These all demonstrate the vital need to diligently monitor and evaluate the content of our songs, the structure of our services, and the focus of our outreach.

7. The weight and complexity of crafting these things is virtually impossible to overstate.

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