Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The left wing/right wing distinction

Doug Wilson comments....

I try not to describe myself as a man of the right -- although I do self-identify as a conservative. With the former, when joking, I will say that my positions are slightly to the left of King Arthur. With the latter, when I say that I am a conservative, the obvious question is "what are you seeking to conserve?" The answer to that is "the heritage of Christendom," and to do so in a way that looks forward to the contributions of the next Christendom. There is no way to be "medieval" or "reformational," as I am, and not be a conservative of some stripe. And the fact that I am looking forward to the glories of the coming Christendom does not make me "progressive," as I am sure would be plain once I was allowed to describe what I think those glories might actually look like.

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