Tuesday, September 23, 2008

S.M. Hutchens on Quenching the Spirit

But I am more confident now that the Holy Spirit, while mysterious, infinitely subtle, and often counter-intuitive is for all that no fool. The gabbling of enthusiasts is not his favored means of communication, nor is he a private gentleman. If he has a message for one who speaks for him, it meets what he has already placed in many of his own, and agrees. He is a friend to reason because he invented it, a friend of counsel, because he is eternally in counsel himself (some would even say, and not without reason, that he is Counsel), and a friend to the wisdom of age and experience, for he is the one who has given it, presumably for use toward his ends. (The presence of these virtues in the church virtually eclipses, I believe, the need for much of what is commonly regarded as charismatic gift. Since they are themselves part of the concrete and enduring telos of the Spirit’s work, there is good reason to suspect that the overuse and overvaluation of charismata--which may indeed be from God--is also, in whatever age and in whatever church they appear, a sign of spiritual infantilism.)

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i found the comments to be interesting as well, this one was especially entertaining:

>>>False prophets were stoned in Biblical times.<<<
A lot of modern ones are stoned, too. Just not in the same way.


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ScottH said...

As well as being oversexed! Pardon the crude statement. Did the comment say false prophets or false profits? All too often these spellings can be used interchangably. LOL!