Monday, August 31, 2015

Gleanings 8-31-15

If the United States wants to give China less leverage, she can shrink her deficit and balance her budget so as to regain the upper hand.--David Bahnsen

Just as up until the time of His first advent,everything had been prepared with a view to Christ, now everything is traced back to him.--Herman Bavinck

You know why it’s perfectly legal to maintain this insanely obvious traffic in baby body parts? Because abortion is legal. Abortion is murder, and it is legal. Once that’s conceded, nothing else matters, pretty much. --Joel McDurmon

What is abortion but humanity elevating our middle finger toward God by gleefully destroying the creatures that God loves most? Humanity is in a state of open warfare with God. We cannot get at God (except for that one time we could, and we crucified him). But we can, and will, get at anything that comes from God and anything that reflects God.--Tim Challies

Hypocrisy is always much bigger than the sin it pretends not to be committing.--Doug Wilson

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