Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gleanings 9-2-15

"Christianity is a life, not a doctrine"? Of course, Christianity is a life, but it is a life predicated upon a doctrine. The gospel is good news. To fill up that news with content is to immediately move in the direction of theology. If you want your Christianity to be about nothing but Jesus, you still have to answer the question: Who was Jesus and what about him are you all about? Positing an answer is going to require theology. --Kevin DeYoung

Art - The conscious arrangement of various elements reflecting a soul's perception of its world --Me

Congregational praise is a commanded duty that can be audibly discerned; we should hear congregational praise when it is sung, and nothing else (choir, organ, marching band, bagpipe) should be permitted to obscure the thing that is commanded. --T. David Gordon

Kim Davis is not just keeping herself from sinning, she is preventing Rowan County from sinning. That is part of her job. If just ten governors treated Obergefell the same way Kim Davis is treating it, that entire unrighteous and despotic imposition would collapse and fall to the ground. And if they did so, they would not be sinning against the United States. Rather, they would be preventing the United States from sinning.--Doug Wilson

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