Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fire In The Fireplace

"A formal, established liturgy is like an ornate fireplace. Warm, edifying, exegetical, Christ-centered preaching is like a fire. The Church of England is filled with cold fireplaces -- very beautifully done, but cold. You can look at them there behind the velvet rope for a donation of three pounds.

And so in reaction to this, actual believers in Scripture have found themselves setting fires in various places around the house -- on the couch, on the coffee table -- places where it is easy to find fault with them, but at least they know there is supposed to be a fire. I want a fireplace, but I also want a fire in it. And to get that, you are going to have to conduct thoughtful, charitable discussion among English evangelicals over the course of the next number of years." ~ Doug Wilson


Wm Mallory said...

Very good, I want a fire in my fireplace too.

Anonymous said...

I want a fire in my zippo.... if I had one :P