Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So Much For Seeker Sensitivity

The greatest gift the church can give our society is a glimpse - however fleeting - of another city. But we can only do that if our worship is self-consciously, confidently, and unmistakably oriented to God. If someone wanders in off the street as we pray, he should sense that there is present a double church, as Origen put it: the one that is seen and the other that is unseen. Indeed if the visitor does not feel uncomfortable, out of place and out of step, something is terribly wrong. The visitor should experience a little vertigo, because something is going on that is beyond his perception. Yet one would hope, as he listens to our faint voices and feeble songs, that he would also hear, if only as an echo in the distance, the thunderous sound of the heavenly host singing, ‘Holy, holy, holy.’ ~ Robert Louis Wilken

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Wm Mallory said...


This is the opposite of what we see today.

"We have to make them feel comfortable, at ease, create a positive atmosphere and don't offend them with the truth of the sound preaching"

Now, I am not saying that we be rude or obnoxious to the lost. But have compassion, compassion enough tell them the truth by preaching the Word of God, which will make them uncomfortable. Instead of making them feel at ease in their sin as they mentally accent to Hell! Praise God someone stood up and preached the truth to me. May we do the same for the Glory of God.